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Daring Greatly

As I close this chapter in my life, I would like to remember how I dared greatly.

Daring greatly

can be a scary thing to do, I mean...who invented this!? Brené, that's who. Oh how I read and listened to everything that she wrote and said. It helped me better understand humans and myself.

Why do we live in a constant shame cycle in life? Why are we so scared of following our dreams and doing what feels right for us, in our heart. You know, when that beautiful intuition feeling strikes; that warm and comforting feeling in our chest...Why is it so easy to listen and take care of others, but it is so difficult to listen and take care of ourselves? Why do we constantly judge and shame ourselves? I refuse to live in this never ending cycle, I refuse to forget myself, I refuse to put me 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 50th... What about we put ourselves first? Remember that saying: If you don't love yourself then who's going to love you? If you don't listen to yourself then who is going to listen to you? If you don't believe in yourself then who is going to believe in you? You get the point by now. The answer is no one. We can feel it when someone is not there, present with themselves fully. We can feel the lack of inner love, inner trust, inner respect. Today, no more. I do not accept this fate. I want to change the game. I want to do everything for me that I would do for you. You; my friend, my work, my family, my love, my dog, a stranger.

Because yes, I'm kind to others, I say yes to you and say no to me. This is not your fault, it's actually no one's fault. It just is. I'm looking for a change. The change that will allow me to dare greatly. Dare to be me, dare to say no, dare to say yes, dare to listen to my intuition, dare to love me, dare greatly.

We never know where life will bring us, all we have is the present moment and, I want to dare greatly in this moment.

- A Barefoot Story

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